Question: I'd like to know who plays Officer John Sullivan on Third Watch. I love the show and while I watch it most every week, I never catch the name of this interesting actor. What else has he been in on TV? Thanks. — Dianne

Televisionary: Hmmm... you aren't, by chance, actor Skipp Sudduth's publicist, are you, Dianne?

						 						No matter — I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you're a fan.

						 						As you say, Mr. Sudduth plays seasoned street cop "Sully" Sullivan on the NBC drama. A veteran of the stage and screen, you may have caught him in guest stints on shows like Homicide, Oz, Law & Order, Cosby or Mad About You. Feature-wise, he's appeared in such films as Eraser, 54 and Ronin.