Question: I hope you remember this show. In the early '90s there was a show called Thea. I need to know who played her.

Televisionary: Oh, come now. My memory's fading fast as I get older, but I'm still able to recall 1993.

						 						Thea, which ran on ABC from the fall of '93 through the following February, was yet another casualty of the "give a stand-up a show" machine. Comedian Thea Vidale played Thea Turrell, mother and stern overseer to a four-child brood. Do stand-up vehicles work? For some (Jerry Seinfeld, Drew Carey), sure. For others (Mike O'Malley, Paula Poundstone), not really.

Thea is probably most notable for the youngster who played 12-year-old daughter Danesha. Wee Brandy Norwood usually goes by her first name these days, but her UPN character, remarkably enough, could fit into a poem with her old Thea role.