Question: Hello. Can't seem to get enough of your amazing knowledge of old and new TV shows. Maybe you can solve a wee disagreement my hubby and I have. Remember The Golden Monkey? We caught a rerun of it and my hubby claims that the old guy in the suit (I think he owned a bar or something, and he dressed real neat and had a small mustache) is the same guy that was Magnum's employer (the caretaker of the house in Hawaii). I say he is wrong and I am right and I really want to win this argument. Help me shut him up! — Liz

Televisionary: Now, Liz. Thanks for the kind words, but as has been stated many a time in this column, I must use my powers for good. And so I am not permitted to interfere in the ways of mortal marriage and take your mate's voice from him.

However, I can make your case for you (on the show, not on whether or not he should shut up).

Assuming you mean Tales of the Gold Monkey, which ran on ABC from the fall of 1982 to July of '83, you're right. 'Twas the late Roddy McDowall (Planet of the Apes, The Poseidon Adventure, Cleopatra) who played shifty Monkey Bar owner Bon Chance Louis and not John Hillerman, who portrayed nose-in-the-air estate runner Jonathan Quayle ("Higgy-baby") Higgins III.

I'm already getting myself all flummoxed trying to figure out how he'd mix the two up: See, they both had mustaches, but McDowall's character was French while Hillerman's was British. Then again, McDowall was a Brit playing a Frenchman, so that could be it. And many Americans think all non-Americans sound alike since it's so often British actors playing them no matter what country they're supposed to be from and... oh, never mind.

Go gloat with everything you've got, Liz.