Question: I heard that the PAX network was making a new Bonanza series. Do you know anything about the show and the actors? Thanks. — Brian

Televisionary: But of course, Brian. The Ponderosa, which kicks off with a two-hour movie Sept. 9 on PAX (9 pm/ET), is being billed as a prequel to the famous series. In it, Daniel Hugh Kelly portrays rancher Ben Cartwright as a young man, taking on the role originally played by Lorne Greene during the parent series' 1959-73 run on NBC.

Ponderosa takes place 10 years before Bonanza began and it tells the story of how Cartwright and his three sons — Adam (Matt Carmody), Hoss (Drew Powell) and Little Joe (Jared Daperis) — got their start in the ranching business after the death of Cartwright's wife. Trivia fans may also want to tune in: The producers promise to reveal how the ranch got its name, plus the reasons behind Hoss and Joe's nicknames.