Question: What happened to the show American High? I was looking at your daily polls and saw one about its cancellation. Is that true? That was my favorite show, my highlight of watching TV on Wednesdays. It wasn't even on for a month. Two weeks, that was it. Could you try and get the show back on the air for at least a couple more weeks? I'm sure more people will start watching it once they see that it's on the air. Please, please, please. It was a great show for the teenage group. Thank you.

Televisionary: Your wish is my command.

						 						The bad news is that Fox has indeed canned the critically acclaimed American High. And I feel your pain: I, too, was taken with the show, its candor and its ambitious companion web site.

Unfortunately, however, those poor kids were no match for the racy appeal of, say, Big Brother's Jordan. After averaging only 3.5 million viewers during its two-week lifespan, the show is being replaced with Futurama repeats. (Ironically enough, it's the first time in recent memory that Fox has gotten pummeled in the ratings for shooting too high.)

Keep hope alive, though. There are rumors floating about that American High may jump to Fox sister networks FX or Fox Family Channel, which recently signed a deal to pick up the ratings-starved cult hit Freaks & Geeks. A spokeswoman for the producers told me they're shopping it around, but couldn't provide any details on where it might be going.

Oh, and that wish/command stuff up there is bunk — I have as much power to keep a show on the air as you do.