Question: What happened on the last episode of Gilligan's Island? — Adnan B., Long Beach, Cal.

Televisionary: Technically speaking, the last episode of the lovably stupid sitcom, which aired April 17, 1967, didn't wrap anything up, if that's what you're driving at, Adnan. In a typical Island setup, a native king came calling, searching for a maiden to be sacrificed to his tribe's volcano god. The ever-heroic Gilligan, seeking to save Ginger, Mary Ann and Mrs. Howell from that fate, dolled himself up to distract the king and... well, I wouldn't want to ruin a good rerun for you.

If what you're really wondering is whether or not they ever got off the island, the answer is yes. But it didn't happen during the show's 1964-67 run on CBS. In 1978, NBC aired the two part Rescue from Gilligan's Island, in which the castaways got off the island, returned to normal life, then got stranded on the island again after taking a reunion cruise (doh!). In follow-up specials, they ran a resort on the island and were visited by the Harlem Globetrotters. As you may have gathered, sticking close to reality was job one for the producers and writers. (For evidence of that, feel free to check out our Gilligan ShowGuide.