Question: I gave up soda for Lent, and as I stood in front of the beverage cooler in the grocery store looking for some thirst-quenching refreshment, decided to give Diet Snapple a try. Knowing how much you rave about the Diet Raspberry Tea, I thought I'd try that, but can you believe they were out? I picked up a Diet Cranberry-Raspberry and was pleasantly surprised! Yummy! Couldn't believe it was diet — and only 10 calories! Have you tried it, or are you a strict Diet Raspberry Tea drinker only? — Dianne

Ausiello: I'm a fairly strict Diet Raspberry Tea addict, er, drinker. However, if I'm really desperate (read: The store is out of Diet Raspberry Tea or the stock they do have is out of date), I'll grab a Diet Lemon Tea. Speaking of Snapple, I've been faced with a rather serious ethical dilemma that I feel compelled to share with you all. I no longer feel like I can sing the praises of Diet Raspberry Tea in light of the company's decision not to feature me in their new "Say Nice Things About Snapple" campaign. A reader brought this to my attention a few weeks back and, the more I think about it, the more I feel royally dissed by my beloved beverage maker. As a result, I may have to place a ban on any mention of Snapple in Ask Ausiello (or its affiliated columns) until further notice. I can't in good conscience continue to plug a product without getting a six-figure endorsement deal in return. I am a journalist after all. People sometimes forget that.