Question: FYI, while it is true that "Where is Springfield?" was long one of TV's most asked (and unanswerable) questions, that all changed in this year's season finale. In the "Behind the Laughter" episode of The Simpsons, between teasingly cloying adverbs, they slyly revealed that the Simpsons are a "Northern Kentucky family." — Susan Williams

Televisionary: With all due respect to you and the many fans who wrote to correct me on this, Susan — and respect is appropriate since nearly everyone was mannerly as could be when telling me how I "blew it" — the writers and producers would be happy to know how many of you they snookered.

If I am to be chastised, it's for neglecting to mention the Kentucky reference in last week's answer. But there's absolutely no way you'll get me to buy that red herring.

The Simpsons is a series infamous for the way its creators tweak its cranky and demanding fans and I sincerely doubt they'd so blithely reveal one of their greatest secrets. Likewise, with Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel and other smacks to the South, the show has never been shy about tearing into Dixie (as it tears into just about everyone).

In fact, the depiction of Matt Groening as a one-eyed, gun-toting hick with a quick temper managed to combine both. So saying the family is from Kentucky is a gag, pure and simple. Never mind that Southern accents and other twangs are pretty durned rare on the show.

I thank you all for trying to nicely set me right, but the folks behind The Simpsons thank you even harder for believing them.