Question: My friends and I were talking about British humor last night and we all had fond memories of a television show that was on MTV in the late '80s called The Young Ones. Is it available anywhere on tape, and can you give me some more information about the show? Thanks. — Luke C. Rosati

Televisionary: I hate to say anything negative, but no.

						 						OK, I stole that line from the show. Say it with a British accent and it's much funnier.

						 						The Young Ones, as you say, was a British import that ran on MTV back in the days when the network could squeeze in programming that wasn't wall-to-wall jigglevision or "real" angst. The show featured the day-to-day and frequently disgusting doings of short-fused punk Vyvyan (Adrian Edmondson), sad hippie Neil (Nigel Planer), anarchist Rick (Rik Mayall) and "normal" guy Mike (Christopher Ryan). Like Monty Python before it, it featured humor that was stranger, more layered and just plain funnier than most or all of what was being done here in the States at the time — and maybe now, for that matter.

All 12 episodes (yes, there are only 12 since the Brits know how to leave you wanting more) are available on tape from BBC Video. You'll find them, three to a tape, at major online retailers such as Amazon and