Question: You are a fraud. You make everyone think you know or can find out anything about the entertainment industry. But when you can't, instead of posting the truth that you are stumped and ask your loyal readers for help, you simply ignore the question, and go on to the next. Why don't you go work for the government? I'm sure they will pay you lots more money to be this evasive. — Lui

Televisionary: OK, now you've got me all dizzy. You call me a fraud, but to my mind I've always admitted I don't know what I'm talking about, so that makes me quite truthful, really, which means I can't really be a fraud if I'm already admitting I'm one, right?

Great. Now my head hurts.

And I'm not ignoring your question, either. I won't work for the government because I can't get the two ends of a necktie to match up right so I don't wear one. And the uniforms required for the other jobs look mighty itchy to me. Also, I can't count beyond fingers and toes, so census-taking is out.

OK, I'm stumped. Happy? If you can figure out how I can work for the government and take in lots of money rather than handing it over every April, I'm all ears.