Question: I am a fan of UPN's The Beat and was wondering what happened to it. I only saw six episodes. Has it been canceled? Many thanks for your attention in this matter.

Televisionary: OK, here's where I clear up another round of cancellation questions. I regret to inform you that yes, UPN has decreed that The Beat go off. Fox declared that the Time of Your Life has ended and, for the people who are too busy pummeling me with missives to notice that their favorite show has been gone for some time, Turks is no longer being produced.

Now, to be fair, CBS did give the once-ousted Grapevine a second chance years after the fact, so anything seems possible. Then again, that bombed the second time around, too.

On a more positive note, in a column mourning the loss of his series on industry biz site, Beat creator Tom Fontana hinted at the possibility of another network picking up the show. Stay tuned.