Question: Could you enlighten me on a series called Murder One? It has just started on Showtime in the Middle East and I was wondering if it is an ongoing series or a one-time miniseries. The first episode was very entertaining and I just want to know what to expect. Thanks. — Nasreen, Oman

Televisionary: Well, I'll give you enough to whet your appetite, Nasreen, but don't expect me to hand you the ending so you can lord it over your pals or anything.

Murder One was a noble experiment that failed to pick up an audience. When it debuted on ABC in September 1995, the idea was that it would follow one case over the course of the entire season. As you'll no doubt see by the time you read this, attorney Theodore Hoffman (Daniel Benzali) and his team of defense lawyers (Michael Hayden, J.C. MacKenzie, Mary McCormack and Grace Phillips) spent that first season defending an actor (Jason Gedrick) in a murder case. (And I know whether he did it or not, but as I said, I ain't telling you.) That first case wrapped up by the end of the series's first season, and when Murder One returned the next season, there were a few major changes. Benzali's Hoffman was gone, replaced by an equally capable lawyer named James Wyler (Anthony LaPaglia), as was young Lisa. Also, instead of focusing on one story all the way through, the show revolved around three cases. Unfortunately, none of the changes mattered — Murder One was off the air by the end of January 1997. (Note: To be honest, I have no idea whether you'll even see any of those second-season episodes. Showtime may only be showing the initial case in your market.) Either way, enjoy. Murder One was a solid show built around an interesting premise, but that structure proved too limiting for a large audience. (Here's hoping Fox's upcoming 24, which will relate one hour of a 24-hour period each week, fares better. Of the new shows I've seen, it's one of the best.)