Question: In the early '90s, I think, there was a show called Grand. Was that a real show? What was it about, and why did it go off the air? If I remember correctly, I really liked it. Thanks. — Shelby, Los Angeles

Televisionary: That it was, Shelby. For just shy of a year in 1990, in fact (January to December), Grand ran on NBC's schedule.

A spoof of soaps, the show revolved around the lives of three families in Grand, Penn. The Weldons consisted of papa Harris (John Randolph), who owned a piano factory, his son Norris (Joel Murray), and their butler, Desmond (John Neville). The Pasettis consisted of Janice (Pamela Reed), who was the Weldons' maid, and her daughter Edda (Sara Rue). The Smithsons consisted of Harris' niece Carol Anne (Bonnie Hunt) and her husband Tom (Michael McKean). Also in the picture was Officer Wayne (Andrew Lauer), who had a thing for Reed's Janice.

Why was it done in? I can't honestly say I know for sure, but I think it's safe to assume it was too ratings-challenged to survive.