Question: Was I dreaming? I thought I saw a new show on TV a few months ago about high-school kids. The only thing I remember about it was that the most "popular" girl was having a "virgin party." She chose five boys and five girls who were virgins and then was going to have a party to "de-virginize" them. No one knew who the fifth girl was until the end, when the hostess revealed (to the audience) that it was her after everybody left her party because the cops showed up or something. She was disappointed because she was trying to set herself up with one particular guy that night. I know you've seen this show because you've seen everything! Is it still on TV? — Sophie

Televisionary: Alas, Sophie, it is not. And it's very doubtful it ever will be again.

The show of your dreams was Fox's Opposite Sex, which kicked off an eight-week run this past July and hasn't been heard from since. It focused on hormonally fueled teen (is there any other kind?) Jed (Milo Ventimiglia), who was the first of three male students to attend a previously all-female prep school. Hilarity ensued.

As you recalled, among the yuks was "The Virgin Episode," which related the events of a birthday party for Miranda (Margot Finley) and the planned "sacrifice" of two virgins at said celebration.

(For a full opinion, see our original review of the show, which ran when it debuted.) Boy, network TV just keeps shooting higher and higher.