Question: When does the new live-action The Tick start on Fox? — Joe Gilligan

Televisionary: The live-action version of The Tick starring Patrick Warburton (Seinfeld's Puddy) is a mid-season replacement and thus doesn't have a slot on the schedule yet.

I'm a huge fan of the animated original, so I hope the producers know what they're doing in "fleshing" this one out. It's a good sign that Tick creator Ben Edlund is at the helm and that Maximum Bob's Liz Vassey is on board (I thought she was great in that underappreciated series).

However, I'm bummed that they changed the name of her character from American Maid to Captain Liberty and am equally depressed that Die Fledermaus has apparently become Bat Manuel. But that's the business. You have to make these changes to get a show on the air.

Here's hoping for the best.