Question: Did you watch the Dallas reunion? Did you think it was totally lame? It had way too many commercials and they conveniently forgot to mention most of the costars that helped make the show a success. — Jennifer

Ausiello: Yeah, I was underwhelmed to say the least. I didn't like how they grouped everyone into pairs and then videotaped them casually reminiscing to each other. Not only did it make for snooze-inducing television, but I found myself cringing during every awkward silence. And I could have done without Steve Kanaly flirting with Charlene Tilton in the barn. That was just creepy. If they were smart, CBS would have gotten Mike Wallace to grill them individually and then collectively about all the dirt that went on behind the scenes (i.e., Larry Hagman's drinking, the Donna Reed recast, Tilton). And I'm with you on the MIA supporting cast. Where the heck was Priscilla Presley? And Susan Howard? And Lois Chiles? And annoying John Ross?