Question: How did the Indian tribe on F Troop get their name? — Lisa F.

Televisionary: Wow, Lisa — asking without even letting me know which tribe you're talking about? That's playing your question rather close to the vest, no? Regardless, I shall soldier on and answer your query because that's the can-do kind of spirit my readers expect from their cranky but tolerated know-it-all.

A spoof of the wildly popular TV-western genre, F Troop featured Ken Berry (Mayberry R.F.D.) as the naive, all-thumbs Capt. Wilton Parmenter, commander of the troops stationed at Fort Courage. Under Parmenter, who gained his rank by accidentally leading a courageous charge in his Civil-War days, were the business-savvy Sgt. Morgan O'Rourke (Forrest Tucker), his cohort Cpl. Randolph Agarn (Larry Storch), and a whole host of other bumblers, including the myopic lookout, Trooper Vanderbilt (Joe Brooks) and Bugler Hannibal Dobbs (James Hampton), who was mighty bad with a horn. Rounding out the cast were the beauteous Melody Patterson as Wrangler Jane, the filly who hoped to lead Parmenter to the altar; Chief Wild Eagle (Frank deKova) and Crazy Cat (Don Diamond).

Even more noteworthy was Tucker's comment to a reporter on life in Hollywood as a whole — or rather, how his life would quickly shift elsewhere should his regular gig disappear. "[T]he day I finish a job here, my little wife and I are on the first plane out," he said. "I love this place and all my pals, but I wouldn't want to be unemployed here — if they see me playing golf three days in a row, they say, 'Are you through?'"