Question: Am I crazy, was I dreaming, or is it just my memory failing? Wasn't there a television series about 10 years ago where there were two cops (can't remember the city, but I think it was set in California), one of whom was slightly older? The younger one had long hair, a long trench coat and a motorcycle. I believe the older cop went on to play opposite Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop. I remember really liking the show, especially the younger cop (who I think played the bad guy in Kindergarten Cop) and being very disappointed when it went off the air several months later. Do you remember the names of the actors and the title of the show? It's driving me crazy that I can't remember the name of it. Thanks. — Ann

Televisionary: Now, settle down there, you. Repeat after me: It's only TV. It's only TV....

However, since TV is my lifeblood, feel free to freak at will — it convinces my boss I'm indispensable.

The series you're allowing to get so far under your skin is NBC's cop drama Hardball, which did indeed star Beverly Hills Cop's John Ashton and Kindergarten Cop villain Richard Tyson. In a strikingly fresh formula for Hollywood creatives, Ashton played crusty police vet Charlie Battles to Tyson's upstart Joe "Kaz" Kaczierowski. He was a rock-listenin', earring-wearin' long-hair who was so out-and-out rebellious he road a cycle (!). Not for long, though — the show premiered in September of 1989 and was off the air by the end of the following June.

Oh, and lest anyone misread it in the paragraph above, I was as sarcastic as sarcastic can be with that "strikingly fresh" comment.