Question: What cartoon character said "I hate those mices [pronounced meeses] to pieces"? We've been puzzling over who and what cartoon show for weeks! — Melinda VanArsdale

Televisionary: Then stop that confounded puzzlement this minute, Melinda. The flustered feline in question was Mr. Jinks, a character on the old Huckleberry Hound show.

In the Pixie and Dixie cartoon, a regular feature on Huckleberry, the often unfortunate Jinks fought with the pain-in-the-tail, titular mice (not to be confused with titmice, which are actually birds). To his credit, though, he sometimes bested them in battle.

And speaking of confusion, Jinks is not to be mixed up with the hapless Mountie Klondike Kat, who doggedly (sorry) pursued the outlaw mouse Savior Faire and vowed to "make mincemeat out of that mouse."