Question: I asked this two weeks ago and still have seen nothing in your column. Could you please tell us (my government class) how each character's role corresponds to his or her counterpart in the real White House? We know C.J. is the press secretary, Leo is Chief of Staff and Charlie is the president's aide. The roles of Josh, Toby and Sam are not remembered. We know TV Guide printed the comparisons in an issue, but cannot find it. Could you please tell us their roles? I will check your column again on Tuesday. Thanking you in advance. — Evelyn T.

Televisionary: Jeez, Evelyn — you've waited a whole two weeks and you're already getting all huffy and demanding on me? I'll assume you're the teacher of that class and not a student, then. I've got months-old questions still waiting for a column slot, but since I still feel guilty for vexing my own instructors with woeful academic performance all those years ago, I'll try to make up for it in some small way now.

As you say, C.J. Gregg (

Allison Janney) is White House Press Secretary, Leo McGarry (John Spencer) is Chief of Staff and Charlie Young (Dul&#233 Hill) is the president's aide. Rounding out the roster of the show's leads: Josh Lyman (Bradley Whitford) is Deputy Chief of Staff, Toby Ziegler (Richard Schiff) is Director of Communications and Sam Seaborn (Rob Lowe) is Director of Speechwriting. If you want to read the full comparison, see if you can scare up a copy of TV Guide's July 22, 2000 issue. Happy? Good. Now about that detention...