Question: Can I ask you a question? Who played lying salesman Joe Isuzu in the TV ads?

Televisionary: Hey, if you can't ask me a question, who can you ask? I don't answer, I don't eat, son.

						 						Actor David Leisure portrayed the popular fibber in the '80s in one of those classic ad glitches where consumers love and remember the character, but don't necessarily identify the ad with the brand or buy more of the product because of it. He's in good company, however.

Research showed many consumers thought the much-loved "Uh-Huh Girls" were hawking Pepsi rather than the Diet Pepsi they wanted people to drink. Similarly, even while the Energizer Bunny campaign was at its hottest, one study found nearly half of respondents believed the ads were pushing batteries from Duracell, an Eveready rival.

Still, such ads often pay off for the actors who play the characters. Aside from collecting a paycheck for playing woman-chasing neighbor Charley Dietz in NBC's Empty Nest and appearing in various other TV shows and films, Leisure was hired to lie his way through a Pennsylvania utility ad as well as an A&W root beer spot.