Question: Alright, Mr. Know-It-All. I'm getting very impatient with you! You have yet to answer any of the questions I have sent you, thus delaying an unsettled bet that I know I will win. So, I'm only going to ask you one more time before I give up on you and stop visiting your site. My roommate and I have a bet about Debra Messing from Will & Grace. The loser has to clean the kitchen for two weeks and go out on a blind date that the winner chooses. I say that she was in a similar sitcom called (straight guy for roommate instead) Ned & Stacy with that guy who used to be on Wings. My roommate says she's never acted before this show. Help me prove her wrong so I can send my sore-loser friend on a blind date with another loser! — Sherry

Televisionary: OK, Sherry. I'll congratulate you for working in the two most popular gambits readers use when trying to get a question answered — the "wacky bet" ploy and the "how dare you ignore me?" stratagem. Not that I encourage others to do the same (believe me, my mom will tell you yelling doesn't work). But here's your answer just the same.

Ms. Messing did indeed co-star with former Wings man Thomas Haden Church in Ned and Stacey, a sitcom that ran on Fox for two seasons beginning in the fall of 1995.

Now, go and lord your victory over your unfortunate roomie by setting her up with someone guaranteed to deliver an evening of irritation and misery.

Where are you taking her, by the way?