Question: Can you give me information on a TV Show entitled Chicago Story? It only ran for a few weeks in the late '70s or early '80s. It was a police show. — Crissy

Televisionary: Oh no, Crissy, 'twas far more than that. It was a cop, lawyer and doctor show rolled into one. (And you thought Law & Order was ambitious, eh?)

The 90-minute NBC drama ran briefly in 1982, debuting in March and bowing out in August. Various stories revolved around the people who caught the baddies (Dennis Franz, John Mahoney, Richard Lawson, Daniel Hugh-Kelly); those who prosecuted and defended them (Craig T. Nelson, Vincent Baggetta); and the doctors who patched everyone up when the smoke cleared (Maud Adams, Kristoffer Tabori).

The show didn't survive long, but several of the aforementioned cast members went on to do bigger and better things.