Question: Are there any channels that currently carry the '60s Batman TV series? If so what are they? Also, do you know if there are videos available for sale of them?

Televisionary: Holy good fortune — you've asked this question just in time for me to tell you about The Sci Fi Channel's upcoming "Bat-Tuesday!"

Starting October 3rd, the network will show all 120 classic episodes. Better yet, it plans to air six in a row every week starting at 8 pm/ET. So as the Sci Fi press materials point out, with three hours in one shot that means no more waiting to see how the show's famous cliffhanger's resolve.

All of which should help ease the sting of me telling you that as far as I know, the old episodes aren't available on video. But that's why there's the "Recorder" in VCR, eh, chum?