Question: What was the name of the short-lived sitcom about bicycle messengers? The owner of the business was the painter from Murphy Brown. Robert something.

Televisionary: Survey says? Ding! Robert Pastorelli (Murphy Brown, Cracker) in CBS's Double Rush, which was on the air for the first four months of 1995.

Ex-music man Johnny Verona (Pastorelli) ran New York's Double Rush bike messenger agency. The cyclists working for him included some familiar names and faces. Among them, C-A-L-L-A-T-T guy David Arquette, Saving Private Ryan and Relativity's Adam Goldberg and funnyman D.L. Hughley (The Hughleys).

The show didn't last long — perhaps because it strayed too far from reality. In my experience, most New York bike messengers spend a good deal of their time spitting on cabs, tearing down sidewalks at unsafe speeds, cursing at anyone who dares to use the crosswalk and harassing any woman who catches their eye. Funny stuff, no?