Question: What was the name of the TV show in the early '80s that featured a superhero who used the word "shazam?" It was on ABC, I think. — Bob P., Tucson, Ariz.

Televisionary: Well, hello to my readers in Tucson! (You and Steve A., up the page there, must be neighbors, no?)

Anyway, if you're talking about the early '80s, you're talking about the animated Kid Super Power Hour with Shazam, which ran for a year on NBC beginning in September 1981. Half of the hour was devoted to the adventures of young Billy Batson, who, upon shouting the magic word "shazam," was transformed into the Superman-like Captain Marvel. The good Captain, who first appeared in comic-book form back in the late '30s, boasted powers bestowed on him by Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles and Mercury (check out the acronym). Staying true to the comics, Captain Marvel was helped out by Captain Marvel Jr. and Mary Marvel.

The other half of the hour was claimed by Hero High, which, as the name suggests, focused on a high school meant especially for super-powered teens.

Note that I focused on the '80s part of your answer above because there was a live-action version of Shazam! that debuted on CBS in 1974. It was combined with Isis, a segment relating the adventures of a heroine who gained her super-powers via a magic amulet, the following year and the show became The Shazam/Isis Hour (you have to keep the titles simple for kids, remember).