Question: Was there ever a sitcom called Dave's World? I think it may have starred DeLane Matthews (she was recently on an episode of Lifetime's Strong Medicine) and Harry Anderson (from Night Court). Am I crazy or not? Thank you!!!!! — Shelly

Televisionary: Jeez, Shelly... you've got a good enough memory to recall all those details, it's only been three years and already you're doubting your sanity? Give yourself a break, kiddo.

						 						There was indeed a sitcom called Dave's World, based on the witticisms of syndicated columnist Dave Barry. It ran on CBS from September 1993 to July 1997 and starred Night Court's Anderson as the titular Dave. He and wife Beth (Matthews) lived in Miami with their kids, Dave playing work-from-home writer and Beth teaching.

And as I've said to others: That is in no way an opinion on your last question — you may well be crazy.