Question: I am well acquainted with Don Henley's song (and it was well placed in that wonderfully directed ER episode!). I would like to know the title and artist of the song played in the opening while Carter was brooding and Tess was waking up Carol. It sounded a bit like Creed, but I'm not sure. Anyway, I love the song (I've been replaying my tape) and wish to buy it. Can you help me, please? Thanks!

Televisionary: OK, OK — I continue to be a sucker for these song questions, simply because I've been there and I can't stand when the credits don't fork over the details on something I really liked (The Sopranos has sent me searching the web for lyrics more than once myself).

The song driving you nuts is Bush's "Letting the Cables Sleep" and it's on their album The Science of Things. If it sounds a bit like Creed to you, perhaps that's because so many of those post-grunge bands are indistinguishable from one another (to those old man's ears, anyway).

(For those of you wondering where this whole song thread started, see last week's column).