Question: In the '60s, I think, there was a TV series about a blind detective. What was his name, the name of the show and the actor who played him?

Televisionary: Close enough. It was actually the early '70s, but there are certainly plenty of people, given the free-wheeling antics of the time, for whom a good chunk of those years remains one big blur.

The show you're thinking of is Longstreet, a sleuth drama that aired on ABC from the fall of 1971 through the following summer. James Franciscus played insurance investigator Mike Longstreet — these being the days of law and order-oriented shows bearing the last name of the main character — who fell victim to some baddies when they tried to take him out but instead blinded him and killed his wife.

Longstreet carried on despite his losses, using a white german shepherd, a special cane, his smarts, his friends and the self-defense instruction of martial arts legend Bruce Lee, who appeared in a handful of episodes. (That last tidbit is usually forgotten when people discuss Lee's early work since, frankly, few people remember this show. I'll admit I completely forgot it when I recently answered a Green Hornet question.)