Question: About 10 years ago I watched a show called Second Chances, starring Connie Sellecca. I don't think it made it past one season. However, I believe there was an attempted comeback as Hotel Malibu the following year. My question is this: Did Jennifer Lopez play a role on both series? — Angela J., Houston, Tex.

Televisionary: That she did, Angela, though Sellecca didn't.

Second Chances was a CBS nighttime soap that launched in 1993 with Sellecca playing a public defender whose husband was murdered in the show's first episode. She and her younger sister (Megan Porter Follows) were but two of the suspects investigated in the killing, which was the thrust of the show for its first month. Lopez played a Mexican-American college student named Melinda Lopez on the series, which was canceled because a major earthquake in L.A. destroyed its sets, and both Sellecca and Follows would have been late in their real-life pregnancies before the sets could have been rebuilt.

Lopez did indeed get a, well... second chance to play the same character in Hotel Malibu, a show which brought her and fellow SC alum Pepe Serna over as their respective characters and plopped them down in the titular hotel. No quakes this time, but the earth didn't move for the audience, either, and the show was gone in a month just the same.

Color me nutty, but I'd say Lopez has recovered nicely.