David Walton, Bitsie Tulloch, Kevin Christy, Michelle Lombardo, Maite Schwartz and Michael Foster, <EM>Quarterlife</EM> David Walton, Bitsie Tulloch, Kevin Christy, Michelle Lombardo, Maite Schwartz and┬áMichael Foster, Quarterlife

Tonight marks the premiere of Quarterlife (10 pm/ET, NBC), a new series from Marshall Her­skovitz and Edward Zwick that chronicles the angst-ridden lives of creative twentysome­thing pals. But what sets the drama apart is its unique gestation — it was ultimately developed specifically for the Web.

According to Her­skovitz, a Quarterlife pilot was originally filmed for ABC in 2005, but, dissatisfied with the re­sults, he overhauled the concept. "It became more about a girl [Bitsie Tulloch's Dylan] who blogs and tells the secrets of her friends," Herskovitz explains. "It was a perfect vehicle for an Internet series." Herskovitz and Zwick took their self-financed pilot to MySpace, which began airing the show in 8- to 15-minute installments last November. The results attracted 250,000 viewers per webisode. Says Herskovitz, "Our the­ory was if you brought the same level of qual­ity to the Internet that you bring to TV, people would watch it and advertisers would buy it."

NBC agreed, and, with the specter of a writ­ers' strike, it licensed the series in September before its premiere on the Web. (On TV, the 36 webisodes will air as six hour-long stories.) Regard­less of Quarterlife's origins, as they did in thirtysome­thing, My So-Called Life and Once and Again, Herskovitz and Zwick have used their gifts for realism and intro­spective dialogue to create a stylish, insightful portrait of an emerging generation that's worth logging on to.

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