Dulé Hill, <EM>Psych</EM> Dulé Hill, Psych

In 2006, Dulé Hill leapt from the gravity of The West Wing to the giddiness of Psych (Fridays at 10 pm/ET, USA). Season 3 opens with Cybill Shepherd joining the fun as Shawn’s mom. You don’t need to be a fake psychic to predict this season’s going to be a blast.

TV Guide: Cybill. Discuss!
Dulé Hill: I didn’t have scenes with her, but hopefully when she comes back later this season we’ll interact. She was great.

TV Guide: Describe the Gus-Shawn dynamic.
Hill: I look at Shawn and Gus as brothers, really. Gus is starting to loosen up. He’s still neurotic but he’s having more fun.

TV Guide: How do you like being the straight man?
Hill: We all play our positions, like any basketball team. The power forward can’t be the point guard. Somebody has to set up the [jokes].

TV Guide: Would you hang with Gus and Shawn?
Hill: I would, but they’d both get on my nerves. Shawn is always trippin’, and Gus can be too anal! But once in a while, when I need an exciting day…

TV Guide: You had plenty of those on The West Wing.
Hill: As a young actor, I couldn’t have asked for better, working with Martin Sheen, Aaron Sorkin and everyone. Priceless. Psych is easier because we laugh and sing ’80s songs rather than discuss world affairs.

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