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If you thought the drama on Top Chefs: Just Desserts is over-the-top, wait until you watch the second season of Private Chefs of Beverly Hills. "We are the king of drama!" Private Chefs' Brooke Peterson tells "I mean, you really cannot beat parents who spend an exorbitant amount of money to throw their children a circus-themed birthday party and buy them, like, three cars on top of it." The Food Network docu-soap follows Peterson and five fellow chefs from the company Big City Chefs, who cater and cook for Beverly Hills' rich and famous in pairs — a rewarding and ofttimes, "pain-in-the-a---" gig, Peterson says. See what else the chef has to say about the new season and why, despite all the drama, she can't imagine working anywhere else. Last season, you guys worked a Botox party and a doggy shower. What can top that?
Brooke Peterson:
A lot! This season is going to be wilder, more demanding. I think the clients are more intense. You're going to see them fighting for their menus more. Last season, people played nicely together. ... There are some pretty wild scenes. We do some off-the-beaten-track food, like food you would never eat in the United States. It's cuisine in Third World countries. We do some insects. You'll see more celebrities this season, like Lorenzo Lamas, and you'll more catfights between the chefs. It is just drama-driven.

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