Prison Break Prison Break

The nosebleeds can no longer be ignored.

Since almost the start of this season and this Ocean's 11-like caper being orchestrated by Michael and the Fox River Remnants, stalwart Scofield has been plagued by intermittent nosebleeds. Thus far, Linc has taken notice, and he obviously suspects what the cause might be, having seen his younger brother exhibit the same symptoms when he was 11.

Those with good memories recall that Michael's mother was felled by cancer when he was a kid. Perhaps her son has been in remission with his own form of the stubborn disease?

Any speculation on Michael's health sitch will come to an end in this week's episode, sources tell me, when Lincoln loops in Sarah on Michael's history.

Will Michael's medical crisis force him to decide between his own well-being and the success of the mission which he and the gang have so adamantly been pursuing? Might he elect to disregard his diagnosis for the greater good?

"I think that there’s definitely a price to be paid for this little adventure," Wentworth Miller said when I asked him about Prison Break ultimately and ironically ending its run with Michael's death. "Can there be any sort of redemption for Michael? What would that look like? What would that take? Perhaps laying down his life so that someone else can live might be one answer to that question."