We've only seen one episode of the new Prison Break, and Lincoln Burrow's (Dominic Purcell) short time in Yemen has already been pretty terrible. He's been ambushed, set up to be murdered, swindled for his passport and found out that his brother doesn't even remember who he is. (Does the Yemeni tourism board know about this show?)

So it shouldn't be surprising that Dominic runs into more trouble in this week's episode. Or should we say, runs toward trouble.

In this exclusive clip of Tuesday's episode, "Kaniel Outis," Dominic and C-Note (Rockmond Dunbar) are chilling at their pad when a young spy is spotted snooping around their door. Obviously Dominic won't let an obvious opportunity for a chase scene slip away, so he chases the kid through the crowded city streets of Yemen.

Prison Break: A slow premiere doesn't bail out the franchise

But it's what the spy leaves behind that becomes the most important part of the scene. What does the note say?

Prison Break airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on Fox.