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The Pretty Little Liars Halloween-themed prequel has opened a few more "A" theories. Was Lucas the same masked man as the one whom Alison fought with? Did you notice the family portrait showing Alison has or had a twin sister? And what's with the creepy dolls? Check out our list of things we caught and learned from the episode.

Everyone's first secret
The episode's title was "The First Secret" and it seems that only Alison was let it on everyone's: Emily didn't really have sex with her boyfriend Ben, Aria's dad cheated, Alison altered the ballot count to help Spencer win class president and Hanna's mom had a run-in with Officer Wilden.

Pretty Little Liars star: A new "A" suspect arises in Halloween prequel

Lucas is a strong contender for "A"
Maybe it's just a huge red herring, but the entire episode points toward Lucas being A (who we now know existed before Alison's death). First, Alison calls Lucas "Hermie" after he accidentally bumps into her. When she walks away, he mutters, "One day she'll get what's coming to her." Throughout the episode, Alison is terrorized by someone in a scary mask and although (of course) there are several people wearing this same mask, one of them, at the end, is revealed to be Lucas.

A clue from the books
Sasha Pieterse told us to pay strong attention to the opening scene where Alison tells a creepy Halloween tale about one twin who stabbed and killed her sister over a doll. "She was sent away to a home for the criminally insane where she remained until yesterday," Alison says. Later, a car with the words "Radley Sanitarium" pulls up to a creepy house. In the books, not only was Alison a twin, but her sister was sent to Radley when she was deemed crazy.

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More evidence that Alison is a twin
We got our first peek into Alison's room and if you pause at the right moment, you can see a sibling portrait hanging on the wall. Look closely and it reveals Jason in between twin girls.

The snow globe returns
Toby tells Emily about his stepsister Jenna moving in and within the truck filled with her stuff are a few snow globes. In Season 1, Emily flashbacked to getting a snow globe from Alison, which eventually held the key to the storage unit where the girls located the flash drive containing the footage of them.

And so does the camcorder
First, we see Alison and Ian innocently record each other while Melissa and Spencer are upstairs. Later, Jason tells Alison he's making a movie and when she inquires what it's about, he says, "If I told you, I'd have to kill you." Finally, at the party, Ian shows up to the party is still pointing his trusty camera. And ironically he and Melissa are dressed as Bonnie and Clyde, a duo famous for running from the truth. 

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Dolls are everywhere
Not only do the twins in the opening scene fight over a doll, but Alison hides her very first threatening note in one of her dolls. It's no coincidence the summer finale centered on the girls getting tasks to fulfill from A in the form of talking dolls. 

Aria and Ezra's run-in
The scene Ian Harding hinted about to us wasn't hard to find, but it was a funny little nod that the pair previously bumped into each other at Hollis before ever actually meeting.

Other fun things we noticed
- As Ms. Marin scoured the newspaper job listings, she circled the ad for "Rosewood Bank branch manager" — where she presently works.

- The girls geeked-out over Noel Kahn, whereas now they think he's a creeper.

- Alison tried to be friends with Jenna, but Jenna quipped, "I appreciate the offer, but I like to pick my own friends."

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