Remember when all you had to do to be a cool, hip president was play the sax? Well, times they are a-changing.

On Thursday night, President Barack Obama proved he is the most with-it, self-effacing and regular POTUS by reading mean tweets about himself on Jimmy Kimmel Live.Though, if you ask Obama, he thinks the tweets weren't mean enough.

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"Those weren't that mean. I've gotta tell you. You should see what the Senate says about me," he told Kimmel afterward.

While the majority of Obama's time was spent on amusing banter, he did get serious too. After Jimmy Kimmel brought up the shooting of two police officers in Ferguson, Mo., Obama tackled the issue head-on.

"I think that what had been happening in Ferguson was oppressive and objectionable and was worthy of protest, but there was no excuse for criminal acts. And whoever fired those shots shouldn't detract from the issue," Obama said. "They're criminals. They need to be arrested.

"What we have to make sure of is that the folks who disregard and disrespect the other side, people who resort to violence — that they're marginalized," Obama continued. "But they're not the majority, and in the same way that you can't generalize about police officers who do an extraordinarily tough job — overwhelmingly, they do it professionally — you can't generalize about protesters who it turns out had some very legitimate grievances."