The Playboy Club The Playboy Club

The Parents Television Council is urging NBC stations across the country to not air the upcoming series The Playboy Club because they claim the show "glorifies and glamorizes" the porn industry.

"Putting a veneer of sophistication on an industry that exploits women and destroys families is not laudable, it is disgraceful," Timothy F. Winter, the President of the Parents Television Council, said in a letter to each NBC affiliate in the U.S. "Whatever positive spin you may wish to put on the series, it is undeniably a betrayal of the trust you have built over the years with America's families — the owners of the broadcast airwaves that you will be using to force this content into the living rooms of every family in your community."

The Playboy Club lands new home in Salt Lake City

Set in the '60s, The Playboy Club follows the members and employees of one of the first Playboy-branded clubs in Chicago. The series stars Eddie Cibrian, David Krumholtz and Amber Heard.

Salt Lake City's NBC station, KSL, announced last month it would not run the hourlong series because the channel's values are "completely inconsistent with the Playboy brand." (KSL is owned by a company operated by the Church of Latter-day Saints.) Salt Lake City's My Network TV affiliate, KMYU, picked up the series two weeks later and will air it in its regular timeslot, Mondays at 10/9c.

The Playboy Club premieres on Monday, Sept. 19 at 10/9c.