Lauren Graham, Alex O'Loughlin and Katee Sackhoff Lauren Graham, Alex O'Loughlin and Katee Sackhoff

With ABC, CBS, Fox and the CW holding their upfront presentations during the week of May 18 — and NBC set to reveal the rest of its own 2009-10 plan on May 19 — the pilots for a slew of prospective series are getting their final looks.

Among the surprising let-downs? NBC took a pass on David E. Kelley's Legally Mad — and owes Warner Bros. TV a seven-figure penalty payment for doing so. It also turned down Dick Wolf's Lost & Found, a cop drama starring Katee Sackhoff.

Though there has been talk in the trades that NBC might avoid the Legally Mad penalty by instead granting Warner Bros.' Chuck a pick-up, the action-comedy's creator, Josh Schwartz, had nothing to share with as of Tuesday morning.

ABC by all insider accounts won't be tuning into The Bridget Show, starring Gilmore gal Lauren Graham as a talk-show host. Similarly, the future for No Heroics (an intentionally funny version of Heroes) looks less than super, while Limelight (a modern-day Fame) failed to sing.

For those who found CW's plan for a 1980s Gossip Girl flashback to be totally tubular, this may disappoint: The prequel pilot, starring Brittany Snow as young Lily, is looking to be less OMG than GMWS (Gag Me with a Spoon).

What is screening well?

ABC may find itself with two towns to visit — Cougar Town (starring Courteney Cox) and Happy Town (a murder mystery). Also in the running are The Unknown (a Jerry Bruckheimer-produced look at amateur crime fighters) and the V remake (which, despite initially eliciting mixed reviews, is gaining buzz). Exec-producer Shonda Rhimes' Inside the Box, of course, is likely to merit strong consideration.

CBS has numerous new dramas on hand, including the NCIS spin-off (a lock for the fall), U.S. Attorney and The Good Wife (starring Julianna Margulies as a lawyer, again). CBS chief Les Moonves is reportedly hot to launch a medical series, and of his three options, Three Rivers (featuring Alex O'Loughlin) is shaping up to be a front-runner, employing a 24-style split-screen technique to unspool its multiple-POV stories about organ transplants.

On the comedy side, Accidentally on Purpose (in which Jenna Elfman gets Knocked Up by a slacker) and Happiness Isn't Everything (starring Jason Biggs) have people laughing, with the latter looking good for a midseason premiere.

Fox is said to be setting its sights on Human Target (in which Mark Valley safeguards people in danger), Past Life (a reincarnation-tinged mystery serial) and Brothers (featuring former NFL star Michael Strahan as... a former NFL star).

With the CW's Gossip Girl offshoot looking like a long shot and Body Politic not exactly rounding up critical votes, the netlet is poised to add to its lineup both the new Melrose Place and Vampire Diaries (adapted from a series of young adult novels). Oh, and as an added bonus? There may now be room for Privileged to snare that Season 2 renewal.

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