The "Pick of the Week" for April 3 is a tough, tough decision. The obvious choice would be Twin Peaks Season 2, but I'm unimpressed with the set. The set has a few interviews that total approximately an hour, as well as the "Log Lady Intros." We waited five years for this? I'm about 95 percent sure we'll see a complete series release in time for the holidays.

No, my "Pick of the Week" goes to BCI's She-Ra Princess of Power: Season 1, Volume 2. This six-disc set includes 33 episodes and tons of bonus material produced by the great Andy Mangels (and no, he's not paying me to say that). There's a documentary; an episode commentary by J. Michael Straczynski ( Babylon 5); an animated storyboard; two image galleries; two beautiful art cards; "Loo-Kee's Fun Facts" and trivia; detailed profiles of characters, creatures and artifacts; and a DVD-ROM section that features eight complete scripts and model sheets of the allies. I wish BCI could license every unreleased animated TV show so they could work their magic.

There's also a hidden gem in next week's releases: Galapagos from the BBC. This is an absolutely stunning series that examines the Galapagos Islands. I started watching the three-episode series last night, and I'm blown away. The set doesn't contain any bonus material, but the show content is amazing. There are lots of beautiful camera shots of the wildlife that inhabit the islands. I'm a sucker for BBC nature shows; they're stunning, entertaining and educational!

You can see the complete list of April 3 releases on the release schedule.