What Lies Beneath may do for bathtubs what Psycho did for showers. The hit film ? which topped the box office last weekend with a $29 million gross ? features a spooky climax involving

Michelle Pfeiffer and a tub full of H20. But while the actress admits that the scene gave her chills, she's not about to follow in the footsteps of Janet Leigh, who, after filming her killer Psycho scene, never showered again.

"I love baths and I still take them, but I have to be honest, I don't enjoy them in the same way that I used to," Pfeiffer tells TV Guide Online. "I'm not nervous, it's just not quite the same."

Not helping matters was the fact that the Oscar nominee wasn't very fond of the wet stuff to begin with. "The two things I really hate most in life are one, being cold, and two, water," she says. "In fact, it took me a while to get it across to production that I really had quite a severe fear of water and they finally took it seriously."

Pfeiffer says that when she signed on to the project, she didn't realize what a big role water would play. "It's amazing how denial just can click into place," she explains. "I read the script and I knew that Harrison Ford was already attached and I so wanted to like it, and I did. And then we started getting into it and I remember thinking, 'I don't remember this bathtub scene being in here. Is this new?' But I think the anticipation of it was probably worse.

"[Still], it was kind of miserable," she adds. "In terms of my patience and in terms of discomfort it was definitely the hardest scene that I had to do."