Showtime is making the Season 3 premiere of Penny Dreadful available to non-subscribers in advance of the May 1 airdate via YouTube, Facebook and Showtime's website.

The free version is a TV-14 rated edit of the gruesome horror series starring Eva Green - and new cast member Patti LuPone - intended to whet the audience's appetite for blood, a thirst which can only be satiated with a premium cable subscription.

The preview is available many other places, too, including iTunes, Hulu and Amazon Prime, and of course to Showtime subscribers. But it's embedded at the top of this post, so why not watch it right here?

Penny Dreadful Season 3 premieres on Showtime Sunday, May 1 at 10/9c.

(Full disclosure: is owned by CBS, Showtime's parent company.)