Jack & Jill's Amanda Peet relished the opportunity to offer moviegoers an antidote to "guy talk" in her new film,

Whipped, opening today.

"I thought it was kind of cool to show the female version of locker room talk," Peet tells TV Guide Online of the movie, in which she plays Mia, a woman who captures the hearts of three soulless best friends. "I talk with my girlfriends pretty openly when it doesn't involve someone that we love, or sometimes even when it does. I think there's nothing more treacherous than a bunch of girls sitting around having a glass of wine on somebody's couch after Sex and the City."

Even though Whipped is tough on men, it landed Peet a boyfriend, co-star Brian Van Holt. "Ironically, he plays the piggiest pig," she says with a laugh. "It only took me six months to disassociate him from the role, so we didn't get involved right away. Okay, I'm kidding. But I certainly didn't think I'd be living with the guy in L.A. two years later."

The actress also didn't expect to be starring in her own WB series. And now that Jack and Jill is entering its second season (it will share the Wednesdays at 9 pm/ET timeslot with Felicity), Peet admits that she's getting the grasp of the whole TV thing. "[But] it can be hard sometimes," she says. "I had to learn to manage my time better, because it's about 12 to 14 hours." Does this mean she secretly hopes the struggling WB drama gets the ax? "No," she insists. "Going to a series everyday provides comfort."

It also allows Peet to delay making any life-altering decisions — something, she admits, she's not good at. "I have a feeling of being on a highway and, literally, every time I pass an exit I'm like, 'Is that the one I should have taken?'" she says. "And every time I get off the highway I'm like, 'Did I get off at the wrong exit?' Things seem more irrevocable than they did before. It seems like one small step could have colossal ramifications. Becoming 30, you begin to feel like that."