Pauly Shore Pauly Shore

The Wiezel is all grown-up, and he means business. After spending the last few years on an involuntary hiatus, Pauly Shore makes his return to TV with Minding the Store, premiering Sunday at 9 pm/ET on TBS. Shore's latest stab at small-screen success is a reality show about revitalizing The Comedy Store, a Sunset Strip landmark owned by his mom Mitzi, where the likes of Richard Pryor, Robin Williams, Jim Carrey and many others honed their comic chops. checks in with Pauly about his family, legendary comedians, and his issues with women. Your family's at the heart of Minding the Store. Did you set out with that intention?
Pauly Shore:
Well, The Comedy Store is my family's business, so of course, you're dealing with my family. But outside of the Store, my brother, my sister, my mom and dad are all a big part of the show, because I'm basically letting the audience in on my life now. Pauly is grown-up. I'm not saying I'm grown-up grown-up, but I'm definitely not in my early twenties anymore. I'm not as into going out and getting crazy. I'm about getting a good night's sleep and being around the people I love.