It's been three years since Mad About You went off the air, yet Paul Reiser confesses to TV Guide Online that he's not in any hurry to jump back into another weekly TV gig.

"I'm not hungry to do that right now," says the 46-year-old actor, who spent seven years as the producer and star of the NBC sitcom. "I'm having more fun picking and choosing things that don't involve an extended commitment. It's been fun, taking it easy and doing things at a more sane pace."

Reiser's new laid-back career strategy was apparently music to the ears of Showtime execs, who cast him in two different movie projects: The family drama Strange Relations and the romantic comedy Women vs. Men. Relations, which premiered Sunday and is being rebroadcast Thursday at 8 pm/ET, finds the erstwhile Paul Buckman playing a shrink who is diagnosed with cancer. Women vs. Men (debuting this summer), meanwhile, tackles lighter terrain.

"We're just hanging out, smoking cigars and talking about women," he says of the pic, which co-stars Joe Mantegna, Glenne Headly and Christine Lahti. "It was a lot different than starving and having leukemia."