How busy are newlyweds and parents-to-be Adrian Pasdar (Mysterious Ways) and Dixie Chicks warbler Natalie Maines? Well, they're now planning a December honeymoon to celebrate their recent union at a Las Vegas wedding chapel.

Pasdar, who's busy shooting NBC's supernatural drama in Vancouver, tells the TV Guide Channel that his production schedule and his wife's concert dates have been so full lately that it has been impossible to schedule a honeymoon any time soon. "Until that point, it's just seeing each other whenever we can, weekends and sometimes during the week when she's off," he says. "People seem to be very accommodating, in terms of schedules and making it as easy as they can, for us. It's just a matter of flying on planes a lot."

The happy couple yesterday announced on Live with Regis that they are expecting their first child and that they eventually plan to have 10 kids! Sounds like an atypically long-term plan for a marriage that began at Las Vegas's Little White Chapel. "A big wedding just seemed to be a stressful event that we didn't need to incorporate into our lives at this point," Pasdar says of their secret June 24 nuptials. "Both of our lives are such a production at this point. It seemed much simpler to do it quietly in Vegas. So that was really a special moment and I couldn't be a happier man."

The Hollywood lovebirds have just completed a professional collaboration, with Maines slated to sing "Amazing Grace" on an episode of Mysterious Ways, which also will also air on Pax TV beginning Aug. 22. "It's perfect for the show," the clearly smitten Pasdar says of his wife's solo, adding, "Every time I turn around lately another great thing happens."