Parker Posey Parker Posey

Sometimes TV gets it right, and last night, Parks and Recreation got it uber-right.

By casting quirky indie-flick queen Parker Posey as Leslie's ex-bestie-turned-government nemesis Lindsay, we got a double dose of the femme-faboo funny from Amy Poehler and her former Spring Breakdown costar and a peek at just how awesome it would be to have Posey on series TV. (Just not in something as misguided as that Jezebel James sitcom she tried a few years back. Nobody needs that.)

No, we're thinking Posey would be perfect as the new boss on The Office. Her haughty, hilarious Parks performance — perfectly putting down scrappy Pawnee for lacking her own town's glamour — reminded us that she's a killer in likeably unlikable roles (a la, Michael Scott), isn't afraid of physical comedy (garbage fight, anyone?), and odd-hot enough to shake things up in Scranton next season. Think about it. A regional manager with Posey's appeal running the show? Angela would, of course, loathe her. Andy would covet her. Pam would probably fear her. And Dwight would... oh man, the mind reels from that one.

Then again, the idea of Lindsay becoming a recurring pill for Leslie to deal with also holds great promise. But Dunder Miflin really needs a boss, and we would kill to have Posey on our screens full-time.

What do you think? Should NBC make Posey a job offer?

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