If most actors were informed that they were wanted for a movie called Mansquito, they'd laugh their tails off. Corin Nemec certainly did.

But then the Parker Lewis Can't Lose star tore through the screenplay for this week's Sci Fi Channel original about a giant bloodsucking bug (Saturday at 9 pm/ET). Ever since then, he tells TVGuide.com, he's ranked the fantastically titled creature feature among the greats. (Even if he is a little biased.)

"The script actually has a wonderful humanistic quality to it," the 33-year-old actor says. "It goes back to the classical plays of the Greeks.

"When I read it, I was like, 'Wow, I wonder if even the people involved in it know that there's this beautiful arc that I see. And obviously they did, because the end product tells that story. I'm definitely enthusiastic about it."