Sure, she's vapid, but damn if she doesn't know how to work that to her advantage. In a new vid from the folks at, Paris Hilton responds to Sen. John McCain's recent invocation of her celebrity by announcing her own White House bid. "I am not from the olden days, and I am not promising change," the heirhead says with a nod to McCain and Sen. Barack Obama. "I am just hot."

Dubbing McCain "that wrinkly, white-haired guy" who used her in a TV ad, Paris thanks him for the "endorsement" before declaring, "I am, like, totally ready to lead.... I'll see you at the debate, bitches."

McCain, perhaps dinged more than he realizes by this viral dis, gave Paris a thumbs-up, saying that the "hybrid" energy policy she lays out in the vid is "more substantive" than Obama's. - Matt Mitovich