For Kirk Cameron, his role as a busy dad in ABC's upcoming Growing Pains reunion movie is a matter of art imitating life.

Since we last saw the characters of the popular '80s sitcom, Cameron's Mike and Chelsea Noble's Kate married and had six children together. And it just so happens that real-life couple Cameron and Noble — the two wed in 1991 — had four children of their own since the series wrapped.

"I'm trying to catch up to Mike," jokes Cameron, 29. "It's wonderful to have that big of a family right now. I can't think of anything more wonderful. My kids are three and a half, two and a half, one and a half, and a half. I'm running around chasing lots of kids, changing lots of diapers. And it's great!"

While Cameron's busy with dad duties, former Growing Pains castmate Jeremy Miller (he played Mike's younger brother, Benjamin) has been tied up in front of the boob tube catching reruns of the sitcom on The Disney Channel. "It's like watching home movies, and it's always fairly humiliating to watch the things you used to do when you were young," says Miller. "But it's fun, too, especially when I heard we were going to be doing this again."

Miller says he watches old Growing Pains episodes at least once a day. "It brings up a lot of memories you used to have," he says. "You remember every situation, every event that was going on while you were filming certain episodes... every little argument you might have had. It's fun."